Jeremy Corbyn Supporters' #Jez100 Best Moments Request Didn't Entirely Go As Planned

A request for Jeremy Corbyn's "top 100" moments as leader has received a mixed response, with his critics jumping in to attack, his backers jumping in to voice support and everyone else cracking jokes.

The JeremyCorbyn4PM group put the call out on Facebook and Twitter for people to suggest moments to mark Corbyn's 100 days as Labour leader on Monday.

But many people did not respond in the spirit the hashtag #Jez100 was intended, highlighting failures to prevent government action and appearing out of step with public opinion as their favourite moments.

They also referred to the controversial appointments of Seamus Milne as communications chief and Ken Livingstone as a co-chair of Labour's defence policy review.

This being Twitter, there were plenty of people who treated it as a feed line and recalled their favourite comedy moments in 100 days of Jez.

His refusal to sing the national anthem, quoting Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha and his handling of opposition from Labour MPs all made an appearance.

But, this being social media, there were a lot of people defending Corbyn and citing genuine answers to the call out, ranging from the moment he sang Happy Birthday to a flood victim to supposedly being responsible for Labour's recent by-election victory.

The Telegraph published a piece on the hashtag, saying it had gone horribly wrong.

After the Telegraph piece was published, the group posted to Facebook saying the paper had taken an "unsurprisingly negative spin" on the hashtag but thanked them for the publicity.

It added the response had been more negative on Twitter, saying: "It was always going to be a bit more feisty over in the Wild West of the Twittersphere."