Beethoven: Google Doodle Celebrates Life Of Troubled Composer With Mini-Game

If You Have Something Important To Do Today DO NOT Play Google's New Beethoven Doodle

Today's Google Doodle is something of a special one. Celebrating 245 years since the baptism of the composer Ludvig van Beethoven Google has created an amazing cartoon mini-game that asks you to help Beethoven recover his lost music.

Once you start the journey the game asks you to complete the music to some of Beethoven's most famous works including his 'Ode To Joy', 'Moonlight Sonata' and of course the world famous 'Ninth Symphony'.

Beethoven's life was potholed with strife - pulled out of school at an early age to focus on his already well developed skills at writing music Beethoven's handwriting was so bad that many struggled to understand his transcripts.

Even as a teenager Beethoven's life wasn't easy, he had to assume full responsibility for his family and tragically lost two siblings during his teens.

As if that wasn't enough the composer started to lose his hearing at the peak of his career.

Despite all of this the composer is responsible for some of the most recognisable pieces of music in history and even prompted Mozart to say: “one day, [that boy] will give the world something to talk about.”

All of this seemed more than enough of a reason for the Google Doodle team to give us something to remember him by:

"Today provided us a rare opportunity to construct a game in step with beautiful music, whose evocative moods, drama, lightness, and depth made conjuring visuals to match it rollickingly fun. Here’s to one of history’s greatest artists, and to hoping that, wherever you happen to be traveling this holiday, your life’s work isn’t eaten by a horse."


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