Republican Voters Want To Carpet Bomb Agrabah, The Fictional Kingdom In Disney's 'Aladdin'

Americans are in a warlike mood. At rallies, Donald Trump receives cheers for promising to assassinate family members of terrorists, while Ted Cruz receives whoops when threatening to make the sand of the Middle East glow from carpet bombing.

Yet a poll out on Friday reveals the extent of the bellicosity. Some 30 percent of Republican supporters said they would like to bomb Agrabah.

That Agrabah, the fictional kingdom in Disney’s 'Aladdin.'

Agrabah is going to be carpet bombed...

The survey was carried out by Public Policy Polling, which has a history of comedic questions. Yet it’s not just belligerent Republicans at fault. The poll revealed 19 percent of Democrats want to bomb the Arabic sounding place too.

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