Daily Mail Article On Refugee 'Jollies' Prompts Outraged Reader Comments

Daily Mail Readers Are Outraged That A Refugee Charity Is Actually Helping Refugees

The Daily Mail has published an article detailing the "jollies" refugees are being treated to in an effort to help them integrate in British society.

The Hillingdon Refugee Support Group - part-funded by the National Lottery - has been taking 16 to 21-year-old asylum seekers who arrived in the UK on their own on trips to zoos and theme parks since 2009.

The Daily Mail has comments from a Tory MP saying the scheme means Lottery players would be "disappointed" if they knew their money was being spent in such a way.

One of the "jollies" that is causing so much outrage

Another gent, Steven George-Hilley, of the Parliament Street think-tank, said it makes "Britain look more like Butlins".

And it would appear many of their readers agree with the article's comments section filled with outrage.

Here's some context about those seeking asylum in the UK.

The chart above shows the the origin countries of the 19,196 people who claimed asylum in the UK from January to July of 2015.


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