Donald Trump Sounds Almost Electable When Speaking In An English Accent

Trump Speaking In An English Accent Sounds Almost Electable

Maybe Donald Trump isn’t insane. Maybe it’s just his thick Queens accent that suggests the flaxen-wigged business tycoon is a crackpot demagogue who wants to turn the US into a totalitarian refuge for white people.

On Thursday, English comedian and actor Peter Serafinowicz dubbed his own voice onto Trump talking about Hillary Clinton during a recent 'Fox News' interview.

Peter Serafinowicz arrives at the British Academy Children's Awards, at the Hilton Hotel in park Lane, London

"What if Donald Trump had elocution lessons?" the 43-year-old actor said in the video's description on YouTube.

And remarkably, Trump sounds measured and convincing... even electable.

Perhaps if the GOP frontrunner sounded like this, 500,000 Britons might not have signed a petition demanding he is barred from the UK over his comments suggesting all Muslims should be banned from travelling to the US.

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