Acid Attack Survivor Reshma Has One Very Important Wish This Christmas


An acid attack survivor has used the power of her singing voice to ask for one very important gift this Christmas - to end the sale of acid to normal people.

Reshma from Make Love Not Scars (MLNS) has shared a beautiful rendition of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas', but with a very powerful (and potentially life-changing) request.

She wants to garner enough signatures to "make acid unavailable to the common man", as a preventative measure against future acid attacks.

So far she has managed to collect 280,000 signatures.

Acid attacks are a growing problem particularly in India where, last year alone, 309 acid attack cases were reported. According to The Indian Express, they have seen a 300% rise in the past three years.

The petition comes as a plea to India's prime minister to end the sale of acid to prevent these attacks.

"We must come together and end this injustice once and for all," reads the petition. "Acid does not belong in homes, schools and hospitals. There are various alternative and safer methods to clean your homes and it is time to let our Government know that we will no longer accept easy sale of acid."

The move to ban the sale of acid comes from Make Love Not Scars, a non government organisation which was founded by Ria Sharma, a Leeds College Of Art graduate.

The organisation is dedicated to providing acid attack victims an opportunity to "regain their life on their own terms through recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration".

On the MLNS website, acid attack survivors can share their stories via video blogs. The site also provides support for victims so they can regain their confidence and move forward with their lives.

To help stop acid attacks and make acid unavailable to buy in India, click here and sign the petition.

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