Tube Staff At London's Canonbury Station Threaten Fare Evaders With Star Wars Spoiler

TFL Board Warns Ticket Evaders In The Scariest Way Possible

Imaginative employees working in a London Overground station have displayed a terrifying message to those risking the journey without a ticket.

Staff members at Canonbury station thought of the clever way to clamp down on fare dodgers using the force of the new Star Wars movie.

They displayed a board which read: “Attention. Anyone caught travelling without a valid ticket or Oyster will be told the ending to the new Star Wars. (and also get a Penalty Fare).”

Commuters spotted the timely message on the update board at the station on Friday and Tweeted images of the warning.

It was written the day after the record-breaking film was released.

The board appeared to have worked for at least one individual, who wrote: "They know about discipline."


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