'X Factor': Louisa Johnson To Rush-Release Debut Album In February, Following Low Single Sales?

'X Factor' Winner Louisa To Rush-Release Album?

Louisa Johnson looks set to release her debut album sooner than any of us expected, according to reports.

Since Leona Lewis’s 2006 victory, ‘X Factor’ winners have traditionally taken around a year to unveil their first albums, with the exception of Sam Bailey, whose collection of covers, ‘The Power Of Love’, was given a release date to coincide with Mother’s Day.

However, a new listing on the iTunes website has suggested that Louisa is not exactly hanging around, and could be releasing her debut album as early as February.

Louisa Johnson

This might mean Simon Cowell is keen to strike while the iron is hot, and not make Louisa’s young fanbase wait for an album, given that she was almost consistently the frontrunner in the ‘X Factor’ votes throughout the series.

Either that, or he’s keen to get something out as soon as possible, due to the fact her debut track, ‘Forever Young’, was the lowest-charting winner’s single in ‘X Factor’ history.

Reports last week suggested that Simon was already filled with regret about giving Louisa the Bob Dylan cover as her first single, with a source saying: "On reflection, they feel picking a more up-tempo, anthemic song would have been a better idea. But they are fully behind Louisa and insist the poor chart position was down to the song, not the performer."

While many ‘X Factor’ champions have fallen into obscurity after the release of their first album - not naming any names, of course - Louisa recently revealed her plan to avoid the “winner’s curse”, saying: “I am just going to work as hard as I possibly can and concentrate on myself. That is the only way to do it.”

She also admitted to Digital Spy she was keen to “take her time” with her debut album, adding: “I'd have to make sure I like it 100% and if I don't like it, no way is it going out. People are going to know me through that album - so it needs to be perfect.”

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