28/12/2015 08:23 GMT | Updated 29/12/2015 06:59 GMT

Duncan Bannatyne Brands Karren Brady 'Bitter' And A 'Complete Coward' After She Slates Him In Newspaper Column

Karren Brady and Duncan Bannatyne have become embroiled in what must surely be one of the year’s most unlikely feuds.

The root of their bad blood came when Duncan tweeted a selfie kissing his younger fiancée, Nigora Whitehorn, inviting his followers to “have a wonderful day” and adding: “I know I will.”

Karren Brady

Posting a furious response to her column on Twitter, the former ‘Dragon’s Den’ panellist and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ contestant branded her a “complete coward” for slating him in her column.

He later posted a string of angry tweets, accusing her of having “a low opinion of women”, also calling her “lower than a snake”, “bitter” and “dishonest”.

Over to you, Karren…

This isn’t the first time in recent history that Duncan’s relationship with Nigora has faced criticism, though.

Following his departure from ‘I’m A Celebrity’, the couple were shown in a ‘Coming Out’ special, but viewers were quick to notice that a shot of Nigora sporting a designer shopping bag was accompanied by a clip of Kanye West’s hit, ‘Gold Digger’.

ITV later issued an apology for the gaffe, insisting it was unintentional, and not a jibe at their relationship.

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