The ARCA Hoverboard Is A $20,000 Glimpse Into The Future

This Hoverboard Actually Hovers, But It'll Cost You $20,000

Hoverboards have had something of a bad reputation recently thanks in part to the large majority of them catching fire.

Thankfully inventors haven't given up on the dream, reminding us that hoverboard do, in fact hover, and can do all of that without immediately earning you a Darwin Award.

Enter stage left, the ARCA Hoverboard. Yes it looks like a giant lego brick but this astonishing creation produces a massive 272hp of thrust.

The best way to think of the ARCA is as one giant fan. If we're being pedantic then there's actually 36 of them, occupying a grand total of 90 per cent of the board's body.

The rest is then made up of the battery and the very-much-required control mechanisms which prevent you from disappearing into a fireball of regret.

It uses a separate controller to steer although ARCA says that if you're feeling particularly brave/stupid, then you can try and control it using your own body weight.

Normally taking 6 hours to charge, ARCA handily offers a quick charger that comes in at a cool $4,500. Add that to the $20,000 price tag and you've got yourself one pricey glimpse into the future.


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