Ntokozo Qwabe Accuses Oxford University Of Spreading 'Injustice' Around The World


A law student has accused Oxford University of having an "existence of systemic racism", in an impassioned 1000-word Facebook rant.

Ntokozo Qwabe, who also is leading a campaign to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes from one of the colleges accused the establishment of spreading "injustice” around the world by educating future leaders with a “skewed” and “Eurocentric” mindset.

“The racist and violent way in which the space is configured normalises and props up the existence of systemic racism, patriarchy & other oppressions that students at Oxford go through daily,” he said.

Oxford University has, he added, yet to “atone” for its “coloniality,” which Qwabe said “still actively shapes the configuration of the Eurocentric curriculum which we study, furthers colonial epistemic injustices, and produces graduates with an unjustly skewed view of the world.”

Qwabe also took aim the British media for its “onslaught against me.”

He said: “They are hell bent on depicting us as ‘threatening’ - feeding the racist myth that the gathering of a critical mass of people for a cause organised by mostly people of colour (but constituted & supported by people of all races - from all parts of the world, including Britain itself) is somehow inherently ‘violent’ or can be compared to terrorist groups.”

According to the Telegraph, Oxford University has recently begun an overhaul of its humanities and social science curricula to ensure it has more “diverse” content.

A spokesman told the Telegraph: “We recognise that we need to do more to get students from more excluded and less traditional backgrounds in to Oxford and we work on that through outreach.”

Adding: “If anybody has any specific concerns or if there are specific incidents they can raise them and they will be looked at appropriately.”

Qwabe's full post can be read here:

So, the British media continues to dedicate space to their (now actually very funny) onslaught against me. Very cute...

Posted by Ntokozo Qwabe on Monday, 28 December 2015