Irish Woman Wakeboards Over Flood Water As Storm Frank Descends

Watch This Woman Boss The Floods On A Wakeboard

Been real irish about things

A video has captured the moment that an adrenaline-filled woman took advantage of the severe floods in Ireland.

The short clip shows the woman flying past the screen, wakeboarding across a gigantic puddle, caused by heavy rainfall in the area.

A car can be seen pulling her along the main road and junction in Tipperary.

Oisin Harding, who posted the footage on Facebook, summed up everything you need to know about the scenes with her caption: "Been real Irish about things."

The incredible footage has now been viewed over one million times, after being uploaded on 28 December.

Areas in the country are suffering from severe rainfall as Storm Frank hits the United Kingdom.

Gusts of 55-65mph are predicted across the next few days in western parts of UK with exposed areas experiencing winds of up to 70-80mph.


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