Oliver Letwin's Apology For 'Racist' Remarks Apology Slammed By Katie Hopkins On LBC Radio

Katie Hopkins Slams Oliver Letwin For Apologising Over 'Racist' Remarks

Controversial celebrity Katie Hopkins has lambasted Oliver Letwin for apologising after he was accused of making "racist" remarks.

Speaking on LBC radio, the columnist discussed the Tory chief, whose comments in a memo following the 1985 Broadwater Farm Riots in north London have been slammed as an "ignorant and deeply racist view of the world.”

Hopkins said: "I'm rather sick of people apologising. I never apologise for anything I say.

"People aren't saying sorry for what they said. They are apologising because they don't like the backlash they've got and they think that apologising, they hope it will all go away.

"I don't believe in that because I think if you said something, you meant it. If you stand by it, then you're a better man than if you apologise just to please the masses.

"I'd rather Oliver Letwin came out and said 'This was a private memo, this was 30 years ago, these were my feelings at the time, my attitudes have changed."

Letwin's remarks were revealed in files published by the National Archives on Wednesday under the 30-Year Rule, which detailed the workings of Tory government during the 1980s.

The documentation revealed that Letwin, then an advisor in Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit, blamed “bad moral attitudes” for the rioting that broke out in across several predominantly black inner-city areas.

He also rubbished claims the disturbances were the result of deprivation, while dismissing cabinet pleas to help black youth, scoffing they would simply "set up in the disco and drug trade.”

Letwin released a statement of apology on Wednesday, which read: "I want to make clear that some parts of a private memo I wrote nearly 30 years ago were both badly worded and wrong.

"I apologise unreservedly for any offence these comments have caused and wish to make clear that none was intended."

Labour MPs had earlier lined up to condemn the remarks, with Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson calling Letwin’s comments “evidence of an ignorant and deeply racist view of the world.”


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