Jeff Brazier Shares Rare Photos Of His Sons Bobby And Freddy

Jeff Brazier Shares Rare Photos Of Sons Bobby And Freddy

Jeff Brazier doesn't often share photos of his sons, but this week he's proudly posted portraits of Bobby and Freddy.

On Wednesday 30 December Brazier, 36, started the day by sharing an Instagram snap of his youngest son, 11-year-old Freddy enjoying a hot drink.

Brazier captioned the photo: "Little bit of breakfast with Freddy B. He's becoming quite the character!"

On Twitter Brazier added that Freddy was: "looking sharp in his new jacket".

A little later in the day Brazier uploaded a second portrait of Freddy after enjoying their second father-and-son meal out of the day.

Brazier captioned the black and white shot: "My little baby just insisted on buying me lunch from his own money. This kid knows the value of generosity. #proud"

The photo prompted Brazier's fans to comment on the strong family resemblance.

"So handsome, perfect blend of mummy and daddy," wrote one commenter.

A couple of days earlier, on 28 December, Brazier shared a candid shot of his eldest son, 12-year-old Bobby relaxing at home.

"#Grateful to have a bit of time on the sofa watching football with my handsome little Bobster tonight," he wrote.

Earlier this year the TV presenter and life coach, 36, revealed that since his ex-partner Jade Goody died of cervical cancer in 2009, he and his sons have celebrated her life once a month on a day they call 'mummy day'.

Speaking to Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins on Good Morning Britain Brazier said: "We can talk about her obviously at any time and we do, but the 15th of the month means we are particularly focused on it.

"We will release balloons or we'll write letters and post them, whether they think they are going to get there or not it doesn't matter, it's expressing."

Read more from Brazier in his blogs on HuffPost UK.

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