Jeremy Corbyn's New Year Message Is Here

Jeremy Corbyn has a New Year message for you...

Here's my New Year message...

Posted by Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Labour leader begins by wishing everyone a happy New Year before emphasising the community spirit that has been shown during the recent flooding in the UK.

He then goes on to list his achievements since being elected in September.

He said: "I was elected Labour of the Labour party three months ago on a mandate for change, and during this last three months we've challenged the government on working tax credits, and defeated them.

"We challenged them on cuts to the police service. But we have to challenge them much more next year."

He said: "My message is simply this: There is a lot wrong with this planet. There's a lot wrong with this country. There are a lot of great people around who want to see a sustainable planet who want to do their best for the environment, who want to do the best to reduce inequality in our society.

"I am very proud to be elected leader of the Labour Party as part of a wave of people, young old all faiths, all backgrounds, who want to see a better and different society in Britain and a foreign policy is more constructive, more democratic and more human rights-based around the world."

Corbyn says: "My job is to try and bring all these ideas together, bring them to coherence so we can put them before the electorate in 2020."

To mark 100-days in office, the Labour leader gave an extensive interview to The Huffington Post which can be found below...

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