New Two Pound Coins Depict Literary Greats, Shakespeare, Beatrix Potter And Battle Of Hastings

The New Designs That 'Prove Britain's Coins Are The World's Coolest'

"Hipster", "beautiful", and "allows you to pretend to be a pirate while shopping," aren't perhaps the usual descriptions for the coins we carry in our pockets.

Yet the latest commemorative designs for £2 pieces unveiled by the Royal Mint over the weekend quickly prompted a wave of adulation from the public on Twitter.

William Shakespeare is commemorated in two designs, with a skull aside a thorny rose, and a sword through a regal crown both aiming to pay tribute to The Bard's canon of work.

The new 2016 coins

Meanwhile another literary giant, Beatrix Potter, is commemorated on two 50 pence pieces evoking her most famous character Peter Rabbit.

The Battle of Hastings is also featured in the batch of special coins, all of which will enter circulation this Spring.

The stark image of a skull alongside the gothic lettering on Shakespeare's coins has led many to hail the currency as Britain's best yet.

Others used the skull of the design to quip about the state of the Labour party.

The 2016 designs are not the only recent change to Britain's currency.

Last month it was announced that the last ever batch of round £1 coins was produced at the Royal Mint in Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales.

Britain's official coin maker says the new 12-sided design, which will enter circulation in 2017, is the "most secure in the world", designed to combat counterfeiting.

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