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"I'm excited to bring a fresh energy to this story alongside Tom, and to welcome new audiences to the theatre."
Who knew Shakespeare would have made his way into sci-fi, animated classics, romantic comedies and even zombie dramas?
Vaccination vindication for health secretary, yet rising cases shows distancing still matters most.
Maybe I can use this time on the internet to study ornithology and become a rook expert in my 80th year, writes Esther Rantzen.
They didn't call it 'Let Them Roar' for nothing 👶
'Just... unimaginable tragedy. Worthy of the Greeks or Shakespeare.'
BAFTA-nominated Angus Jackson on dealing with the Bard.
Promoted by the RSC
'On what universe was it ever, under any circumstances, a good idea?'
'Shakespeare's Cleopatra shows you are allowed to be flawed and powerful and brilliant'