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Vaccination vindication for health secretary, yet rising cases shows distancing still matters most.
Maybe I can use this time on the internet to study ornithology and become a rook expert in my 80th year, writes Esther Rantzen.
They didn't call it 'Let Them Roar' for nothing 👶
'Just... unimaginable tragedy. Worthy of the Greeks or Shakespeare.'
BAFTA-nominated Angus Jackson on dealing with the Bard.
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Perhaps it’s always a good time to put on Shakespeare’s Rome plays, as themes of power, betrayal and leadership are never
'On what universe was it ever, under any circumstances, a good idea?'
A London secondary school has been forced to apologise after pupils were told to write suicide notes as part of an English
Trans people are often shown as sad, lonely people. Or sex workers, or trapped in the wrong body, rejected, suicidal, killed or simply die. Basically the media would have you believe that it's never ends well for us trans folk. I believe that art can create social change and I like being part of that change.
In 2002 the BBC ran a poll to determine who the public considered to the the greatest British people of all time. It was