9 Surprising Sleep Facts, Including The Impact Of Sleep Deprivation And The Best Temperature For Shut-Eye

You may sleep every night, but how much do you really know about what happens to your mind and body once you hit the hay?

In the video above, the team from BuzzFeed break down nine facts about sleep you (probably) didn't know:

1. Less sleep can lead to more lying, stealing and cheating

- Feeling tired has been shown to make us more inclined to "unethical behaviours".

2. Without sleep, you might forget as much as 40% of what you're trying to learn

- Studies have shown there is little point cramming all night before an exam.

3. During a full moon, it is thought you sleep 20 minutes less than you would normally

- And you lose up to 30% of your usual deep sleep.

4. A 2014 study found that drivers are 17% more likely to get in an accident after daylight savings than they are usually

- But you should avoid driving at any time of the year if you're feeling tired.

5. Some people can only dream in black and white

- Researchers believe it may stem from the days of old television sets.

6. Even one night of lost sleep can make your skin dry

- Which is thought to make lines and wrinkles more apparent.

7. Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase an individual's feelings of hunger

- Leading to weight gain in some cases.

8. Short-term sleep deprivation has been linked to high blood pressure and raised cholesterol

- Sleep is thought to help cleanse the body of toxins.

9. Finding your ideal temperature can improve your sleep

- For most people it's between 18-22°C.


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