'Come Dine With Me': Sore Losers, Blazing Rows And A Mankini... The Most Memorable Moments From Our Favourite Cooking Reality Show

9 'Come Dine With Me' Moments We'll Never Forget

In the ten years (TEN YEARS!) 'Come Dine With Me' has been distracting us from our hangovers on our screens, there have been plenty of jaw-dropping moments to keep us entertained.


Aside from some seriously dodgy food, we've been treated to blazing rows between strangers, sore losers and a host who thought it was acceptable to serve up his main course dressed in nothing but a mankini (it's not).

We've trawled through all 1364 episodes of the dinner party reality show (ok, that's not strictly true) to bring you nine of our absolute favourite and totally unforgettable moments from the past 33 series.

Bon appetit!


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