05/01/2016 12:14 GMT | Updated 05/01/2016 12:59 GMT

Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet Reshuffle Is Taking Ages So Let's Have Some Funny Tweets

Ben Pruchnie via Getty Images
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 05: Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn departs his North London home on January 05, 2016 in London, England. Today the Labour Leader is expected to release information regarding his cabinet reshuffle after yesterday's meetings with cabinet members ended without an announcement. (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

As we dredge our way towards the 48 hour mark, the fate of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet is still uncertain. Labour politicians are unaware as to whether they'll wake up with a cabinet position or not.

And everyone following the action is bored they're just spending all their time on Twitter making jokes about every little tidbit of information that gets out.

First it looked like Hilary Benn might be sacked...

Which made the Labour leader look like he was going to be a strong and unapologetic bastard throughout:

Then it looked like he might keep Benn onside...

Then Michael Dugher very publicly announced he had been dropped by changing his Twitter bio:

As the hours dragged on, it became much clearer that Corbyn is treading on some very weak eggshells...

And journalists everywhere were starting to get a bit antsy: