Alex Salmond Reads Mean Tweets During LBC Radio Programme

Alex Salmond has chortled his way through some pretty fierce criticism while reading mean tweets about him live on air.

Scotland's former First Minister read out the short and sharp missives during an LBC broadcast, proving to be a great sport in the face of some incredibly personal comments.

Salmond appeared amazed at the vitriol displayed in fewer than 140 characters, saying: "You're kidding."

The MP for Gordon grimaced at some of the mean tweets

But the MP appeared to enjoy the experience, often launching into fits of laughter.

And his responses to the tweets were pretty good, too.

"It was £51,500 and I have lots of relatives."

"It's called the off switch."

"I like plain chocolate Bounty myself, that's the bar for me."

Alex Salmond at LBC Radio - London

Alex Salmond on LBC

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