PMQs: David Cameron Makes Painful Shakespeare 'Jokes' At Jeremy Corbyn's Expense

David Cameron has received disappointing reviews after deploying William Shakespeare-based puns to embarrass Jeremy Corbyn over his protracted “revenge reshuffle”.

The Prime Minister used his weekly grilling from MPs to make repeated Bard-themed “dad jokes” at the Labour leader’s expense.

The process of installing a new team began on Monday and was finalised in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but has since prompted three shadow ministers and counting to quit the front-bench - underlining the Labour Party’s civil war.

Mr Cameron appeared incredibly pleased with himself whenever he had the chance to turn questions from Mr Corbyn - principally on flooding - to his local difficulties.

He even felt confident enough to cite the most well-known works of Britain’s greatest ever writer to hammer home the point when asked about celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of his death at Prime Minister's Questions.

David Cameron offered his unique comedy stylings

But while the Tory benches cheered, many watching despaired.

"It is a very good moment, the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, for us to celebrate everything he's given to our language and to our culture and, indeed, to the world,” the Prime Minister began.

“I find that Shakespeare provides language for every moment. Just consider what we're thinking about at the moment.

“There was a moment when it looked like this reshuffle could go into its Twelfth Night. Yes.

“It was a revenge reshuffle, so it was going to be As You Like It.

“I think we can conclude it's turned into something of a Comedy of Errors.

“Perhaps Much Ado about Nothing?

“There will be those that worry: Love's Labour’s Lost.”

It was the second time in as many days the PM tried to appear culturally aware, making a reference to the latest Star Wars movie to be make a similar point yesterday.

“Can I apologise for interrupting what is the longest reshuffle in history?,” he said when responding to questions on - naturally - thrashing out a new deal with Brussels.

"You could have watched the entire run of Star Wars during this reshuffle and we've yet to find out who's been seduced to the dark side. There’s no sign of a rebel alliance emerging.”

The notices are in, and they’re far from glowing.

Though it wasn’t all bad.