07/01/2016 09:46 GMT | Updated 07/01/2016 09:59 GMT

London Quiz: Can You Recognise The Famous Landmarks And Scenes From These Historic Photographs?

From Big Ben to Marble Arch, London is full of landmarks and well-known scenes that are known and loved the world over.

The capital has transformed over the centuries - but even over the past 150 years, some parts of the city have changed beyond recognition.

Whether it was down to changes in industry, Nazi bombs or simply redevelopment, some of the capital's most famous sights have sprung up relatively recently in London's history.


HuffPost UK has dug around in the archives to have a look at what some of London's best-known cityscapes looked like in the past - but can you recognise where they are now? If you look very carefully, there are sometimes clues as to their future.

Try your hand at our quiz and see just how well you know your London landmarks...