Kindhearted Stranger Offers Shivering Homeless Man The Clothes Off His Back, Receives Worldwide Praise

A man has filmed the moment a stranger gave a shivering homeless man a shirt and hat to keep him warm.

Lazaro Nolasco, 21, was travelling on a train to Brooklyn when he spotted the man, who was shirtless, shivering in his seat. All he was wearing was a pair of jeans and trainers, despite the weather outside being near-freezing.

Nolasco then videoed the moment a kind stranger, who is known only as Jay, got up from his chair and approached the homeless man. He then took off his t-shirt and helped the homeless man put it on.

Realising that the man was still shivering, he then went back to his seat and picked up a hat for him to wear.

Meanwhile Jay was left in just a vest and trousers.

The heartwarming video has since been uploaded to the New Yorkers Facebook page where it has been viewed 10 million times.

Speaking to Daily News about the event, Nolasco explained that he and his girlfriend were the only other people on the train.

"The guy didn’t have a shirt on," he said. "His body looked sick."

According to Nolasco, Jay also told the man that he should go to hospital, to which the man replied "yes".

Nolasco said: "The guy did a good deed, so I wanted to record it.

"I would tell him, ‘God bless him.’ That was thoughtful."

Thousands of Facebook users have since praised Jay's actions. Suzanne Petrovic wrote: "That's great, that's how we should all be with each other. Instead of all this hate and killing going on."

David Nelson added: "Respect to this man. As much as they say New Yorkers are rude, it's good to see things like this."

We couldn't agree more. Well done, Jay.

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