Mum Makes Genius Toddler/Doll Face Swap And The Result Is Pretty Creepy

A mum decided to inject a bit of humour into bedtime by turning her daughter into a toddler-sized doll through the ingenious face-swapping app.

The mum has the doll's plastic-like features put onto her daughter's face and vice versa.

The result? What looks like toddler-sized doll holding a doll-sized baby.

It's fair to say internet users were pretty freaked out by the photo.

"This is going places. Right into my nightmares," commented one person.

"Well this is really freaking creepy," wrote another.

Creepy? Yes. But perhaps not as terrifying a recent father's face swap with his daughter.

Rather than a face swap it was more like a... nose swap.

If you can't get enough of the hilarious parent/child face swaps, here are a few more.

Ethan Fedida and Andy Campbell

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