21 Of The Funniest Parenting Moments Of The Year: From #DadWins To Blush-Inducing Comments

As exhausting as being a parent can be, children are a pretty good source of entertainment.

Luckily for us, mums and dads all over the world have managed to capture hilarious situations on camera for our amusement.

We frequently write about funny parenting moments on HuffPost UK Parents, so we've rounded up our favourites of 2015.


1. The daughter who made a penis remark to her dad in the men's toilet.

When one dad took his daughter into the men's loo with him, he wasn't prepared for her loud outburst.

"Daddy look at your little penis!" Oops. Read the full exchange here.

2. The dad who found a new place to hang the washing.

... and then proceeded to call it a #dadwin.

3. The mum who shared this card she received.

4. The father-son farting moment.

Who said toilet humour is just for kids? Not this dad. (Watch the video here).

5. The mum who finally managed to make this grumpy baby smile.

It took a lot of effort. Watch the video here.

6. The dad who thought babygros had built in scratch mitts.

7. The complete confusion over this newborn photo.

It's not what you think. Honest. See the full picture here.

8. The parents who left their child alone for two minutes.

And then realise everything has gone quiet. Nothing is ever good when they go quiet.

9. The parents who were selling their house then found white footprints. Everywhere.

Their toddler had completely covered herself in a bucket of white paint.

10. The mum who played the best prank ever on her eight-year-old son.

When a mystery parcel arrived, this mum decided to blame it on her son. Watch the full prank here.

11. The parents who couldn't stop laughing when their toddler swore.

If you can keep a straight face during this video, you're a better person than we are.

12. The simply amazing 'dad instinct' in this gif.

It doesn't get much better than that.

13. The dad and son who found the funniest way to bond.

Everything dad does, baby copies. Watch the full video.

14. The mum who laughed at her daughter's Frozen performance.

Bad move mum, bad move. Watch the full video.

15. The mum who delivered some unwanted pregnancy news.

"What were you thinking?!" Watch the video here.

16. The parents teasing their kids with shadows.

And then filming them of course. Watch the video here.

17. The dad who came up with a brilliant way to help his son blow out candles.

This ingenious trick totally works.

18. The dad who was tricked by his baby daughter when cutting her fingernails.

The little girl tricked her dad into thinking he was cutting her fingers. Sneaky. Watch the video here.

19. The parents who left their kids to play together.

20. The mum who can't control her baby bookworm's tears.

He just loves books, alright? Watch the adorably hilarious video here.

21. The dad who gets his daughter to do his beer shopping.

When you can't be bothered to push the trolley? Ask your daughter. (Find more #dadwins here).