11/01/2016 04:31 GMT | Updated 11/01/2016 07:59 GMT

New York Metro Passenger Filmed Giving Shivering Man On Subway His Clothes

A kindhearted stranger has been filmed giving the clothes off his back to a half-naked man shivering on the New York subway.

Video footage captured the scenes as a man, who had stripped down to his vest, handed the visibly cold passenger his own T-shirt and beanie.

Passersby watched and recorded the scenes of kindness on the Brooklyn-bound train.

The video captured the moment a stranger provided clothes for a visibly cold man

The clip was originally shared on Facebook by Lazaro Nolasco, who told New York Daily News: “It was just us on the train, the guy didn’t have a shirt on, his body looked sick.”

Nolasco recalled that the good Samaritan - who has only been identified as Jay -told the man to receive medical attention.

“You want to go to a hospital” he reportedly told the man.

The gesture is particularly warming at this time of year when temperatures in the city are reaching below freezing.

Today the forecast is two degrees, but is expected to drop to minus three degrees later in the day.


In the age of mobile technology, the kindness of strangers often gets recorded and published online.

Many of these incidents are also captured on the London Underground.

On New Years Day a man was recorded as he stood up to a homophobic passenger hurling abuse at a drag queen.

Ryan Mahon was travelling on a busy Piccadilly Line train when a fellow passenger began to "shout abuse at a drag queen".

After Mahon stepped in he became the target of vile abuse and threats of violence. "If there was no camera nowhere, you'd have no jaw," the rowdy man threatened.