Twitter App Shows Live Periscope Videos Directly On Your Timeline

Twitter for iOS now has the ability to show Periscope broadcasts directly within the timeline.

The new update will allow users who have an iPhone or iPad to see a Periscope broadcast happening live within their timeline. They can then make it fullscreen and watch the whole broadcast without leaving the Twitter app, you don't even need to be signed up to Periscope.

If you want to get involved in the broadcast though you'll still need to open up the Periscope app directly, something which you can rather handily do by tapping a button at the top of the broadcast.

While Periscope has had over 100 million broadcasts since launching in March 2015, Twitter is clearly looking to broaden itself as a media platform.

Twitter already allows users to watch Vines within its own app so the addition of Periscope seems to be a logical next step.

The update will be rolling out over the next few days on iOS and Twitter confirms it's working on an Android version which will be launched soon.

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