Little Girl's Hilarious Reaction To Trying 'Warheads' Extreme Sour Sweets For The First Time

Giving your child something sour for the first time will always provoke a camera-worthy reaction.

But this dad decided to take it one step further with the sour sweet of choice: Warheads.

The American sweets (also available in the UK) are marketed as "extreme candy with an intense sour flavour", so you can only imagine what the reaction would be like.

It all started so well...

The two-year-old is initially quite reserved about eating the sweet but as her dad tells her to "go on, put it in", she does as she's told.

Watch the video above to see the hilarious faces unfold as she realises the extreme sour taste.

"She ended up spitting it out right after this..." her dad wrote on the video.

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