Alfie Deyes Made GQ's 'Worst Dressed Men In Britain' List, Twitter Reacts

What's one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to the boyfriend of Britain's most popular fashion and beauty vloggers?

Getting named one of the worst dressed men in the country, of course.

Unfortunately for Alfie Deyes, who counts Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) as a girlfriend, that actually happened when he managed to land the 4th spot on GQ's 'Worst Dressed Men In Britain' list.

"The YouTuber's attempts to dress boy-next-door-wacky would test the patience of a saint. The title of his channel says it all - pointless," GQ wrote of Deyes - who runs YouTube vlog 'PointlessBlog', (way harsh, guys).

GQ's Worst Dressed Men In Britain

1. Paul Hollywood (The Great British Bake Off host)

2. Josh Widdicombe (Comedian)

3. Jake Hall (TOWIE star)

4. Alfie Deyes (Vlogger)

5. Ian Murray (MP)

6. John Inverdale (Broadcaster)

6. Stevi Ritchie (Reality star)

8. Robbie Savage (Ex-footballer)

9. Owen Jones (Writer)

10. Chris Evans (TV presenter)

We're guessing GQ took offense to the 22-year-old's rather basic style - mostly comprising of jeans, t-shirts and a rotating array of beanie hats.

As expected, the internet had something to say about it. From devastated Deyes fans, to those having a chuckle at his expense, we count down the 10 best Twitter reactions...

1. This very upset person.

2. This slight overreactor.

3. This realist.

4. This person, clearly in denial.

5. This purveyor of justice.

6. This person who clearly doesn't rate GQ.

7. This person who just can't believe it (????)

8. This person, who has a point.

9. This smug Jim Chapman fan (he was featured on GQ's 'best dressed' list).

10. This person, savouring schadenfreude.