Donald Trump's 'Freedom Girls' Warble Creepy Jingoism On Stage At Rally In Pensacola, Florida

Trump's 'Freedom Girls' Sound Death Knell For Western Culture

Donald Trump’s proto-fascist presidential campaign has endured plenty of nadirs, from accusing a female Fox News moderator of having blood “coming out of her wherever” to floating the policy idea of banning all Muslims from US shores.

Yet these were only preludes to the horror unleashed this week – The 'Freedom Girls,' a jingoistic chorus line draped on Old Glory prancing on a stage in Florida while warbling charged cliché’s from the tycoon's nativist back catalogue.

The verses include admonishments of Trump’s GOP rivals and a lament that America is a country that no longer wins. The line about "crushing enemies" is... remarkable.

Should you want to book the 'Freedom Girls' for birthdays, bar mitzvahs... covert incursions into Nicaragua, their website is here.

Altogether now, “Cowardice…”


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