Xbox Live Down: Snoop Dogg Tells Bills Gates To "Fix His Sh**"

Snoop Dogg has posted an angry message on his Instagram page asking Bill Gates to "fix his sh**"

The reason? Xbox One appeared to suffer a short outage which limited online gaming and party chat for some users yesterday.

Xbox 1 fucking sucks online yes i said it ps4 here we come. Ceo. Hit my peoples up we done with xbox

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The gaming giant confirmed that the problems had been resolved after it emerged that Xbox Live services on Xbox One and Xbox 360 such as "in-game matchmaking, cloud storage, finding friends, Game DVR, leaderboards and avatar editing" were limited.

Essentially this meant players were unable to chat with other users online from around 7pm UK time giving the rapper cause to rip into Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Taking his 15 seconds quite seriously, he told "Xbox or Microsoft or whoever the f**k": "your server is f**king whack man... y'all going to make me switch to PlayStation if you don't hurry up and get this sh** fixed.

"It's that difficult to play somebody online what the f**k is you doing Bill Gates. Fix your sh**."

His comments section went into overdrive with fans visibly divided over whether he should switch to PS4 -- an argument that didn't get further response from Dogg.

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