Tim Peake Spacewalk: What Could Go Wrong?

From The Dangerous To The Daft, Here's What Could Go Wrong On Spacewalks

Tim Peake's historic spacewalk has been terminated, after his colleague, Tim Kopra, reported a small water bubble in his helmet.

A similar but more drastic sequence of events occurred in 2013.

Here's a recap of what happened alongside a few other not-so-serious cases of when spacewalks have strayed of course.

1. Drowning

In 2013, astronaut Luca Parmitano’s helmet filled with water covering his eyes and nostrils, putting him at risk of drowning.

Parmitano had to feel his way back to the airlock where he was later rescued by his colleagues.

Tweeting about the incident during Peake's spacewalk he said: "It was a mechanical failure in the life support system."

2. Leaking oxygen

NASA astronaut, Douglas Wheelock, said one of the worst things that could happen while in space is debris hitting the astronaut's suit and tearing it.

Speaking to National Geographic, he said that even a tiny meteoroid can rip the suit and cause it to leak oxygen.

If this happens the loss of breathable air would be so rapid, the astronaut's suit would collapse in around 15 seconds.

3. Getting lost in space

Thankfully, we've have never lost an astronaut to space. Both Tims are tethered to ISS with steel ties. They are also fitted with a life jacket-type outfit that's worn like a back pack. According to NASA, it has small nitrogen-jet thrusters to let an astronaut move around in space.

4. Losing all your equipment

NASA's Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper lost her equipment bag to the great unknown in 2008.

5. Cursing in front of your parents

During Wheelock's spacewalk, he forgot his mic was live and accidentally said something like "damn," which for most of us is not a biggie.

However, his parents later told him “I heard you curse.” Oops.

Tim Peake Spacewalk

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