Tim Peake: How Life Will Change For The British Astronaut Once Aboard The ISS


Tim Peake has begun final preparations for his voyage to the International Space Station.

The British astronaut will blast off tomorrow at 11:03am (GMT) from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan - the Soyuz rocket has already arrived at its launch site, dubbed Site No 1.

Speaking to BBC News, he said the thing he was looking forward to most was the view of the Earth.

He said: "I don't think anything can really prepare you for that moment."

If you've had any fascination with space, that statement alone is enough to incur a serious case of FOMO.

Before you go down that dark tunnel of envy however, there are a few things you should remember about life in space.

Drinking your urine and sweat

Aboard the ISS

While all of the above should alleviate FOMO, when tomorrow comes and Peake blasts off, we're pretty certain we will still feel a little pin prick of jealousy. Who doesn't want to spend Christmas in space?

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