Dads Shares Moment His Young Daughter Said In A Public Bathroom: 'I Didn't Lick Anything, Daddy'

Dad Shares Incredibly Embarrassing Exchange With Daughter In Public Loo

Kids come out with the best one-liners, but sometimes they're at the worst of times.

One dad shared his experience of exactly that in a public bathroom with his three-year-old daughter.

"In a nasty public restroom, in a stall urinating and my 3-year-old daughter is behind me," Reddit user bradfromearth wrote.

"Out of nowhere she says 'I didn't lick anything, daddy'. Oh Jesus!"

"I didn't lick anything, daddy"

Aside from worrying about what exactly it was his daughter "didn't lick", (the door handle? the wall? the possibilities are terrifying), the dad was blushing with embarrassment.

Luckily for him, other parents were on hand to share their awkward one-liner experiences with kids in toilets.

We've shared them below for your comedic value. Who said toilet humour was dead, eh?

He wrote: "My little girl starts to back away from the toilet door and ends up right next to me. She looks down at what's going on and loudly exclaims: 'Daddy look at your little penis!'"

We're not sure which one is more embarrassing.

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