EDL: Asian Man Responds To Far-Rights' Preston March Plans With Hilariously Simple Video

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Posted by Umar Ayub on Friday, January 15, 2016

A British Asian man has come up with a hilarious response to English Defence League claims that his neighbourhood is a "no-go area" for non-Muslims - by making a video revealing just how wrong the far-right group is.

Umar Ayub, from Preston, recorded the video on Friday after the EDL submitted a request to march in the city on February 20.

The Virgin trains worker begins the clip by explaining how the EDL had identified Deepdale as a "radicalised no-go area".

Umar Ayub speaks to his non-Muslim neighbour Robin Maudsley about EDL's claims about Deepdale

"Deepdale, the area that I'm in right now. The area I live in, is apparently a no-go area for non-Muslims," Ayub tells the camera.

The video then pans around the street before stopping on local resident Robin Maudsley, who Ayub asks, "are you Muslim?"

When Maudsley answers "no", Ayub asks how he can live in the no-go zone, to which his neighbour, a white middle-aged man, says: "I've only lived here for 42 years."

Ayub: "I wasn't even born when you were living here. So what the hell are the EDL on about then?"

Maudsley: "I haven't a clue."

The men then discuss the fact that 14,000-odd "non-Muslim" Preston North End FC supporters walk though Deepdale regularly to attend club games and how the area also has a pub.

Maudsley concludes that the EDL needs to "get their facts right".

The video has been viewed close to 300,000 times.

Ayub told the Lancashire Evening Post he was surprised his video had been such a hit.

He said: “I don’t know how it’s happened. I felt like doing a video and I thought at most my friends on Facebook would have seen it, but it’s gone viral.

“When I read that it’s a no go area for non-Muslims I thought which part of Deepdale are they talking about?

“I thought let’s get a video made for a bit of a laugh.”

Maudsley told the newspaper how Ayub and his family were close friends and had given him vital support when he suffered from septicemia five weeks ago.

He added: “That’s how the community works here, we don’t see colour. We have a laugh and I think the video more or less says that."

Elsewhere in Preston, a Muslim group has responded to the EDL's no-go claims by inviting its activists to discuss their issues over dinner.

The Light Foundation, which aims to break down barriers, has reportedly said the EDL was considering the request.