How To Get A Baby To Sleep: Genius Parenting Hack Helps Baby Drift Off In One Minute

Comment faire dormir un bébé en moins d'une minute ... :)

Posted by Pour nous les femmes on Sunday, 11 October 2015

Getting your baby to sleep is a battle for many parents face at one point or another.

But not this woman, she's discovered a parenting hack to get a baby to easily fall asleep in your arms.

Better yet, it works in less than one minute.

The video has been shared 70,000 times

French online magazine Pour Nous Les Femmes uploaded a video of the woman putting the hack into action in October 2015, but it has only just been making the rounds in the UK.

The technique isn't hard to master - it involves gently stroking the baby's face, hair, forehead and back of the head in slow, circular motions.

The video has now been shared nearly 70,000 times with more than 2,500 comments from grateful parents.

If anything, it's worth a try.

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