Sony's Tiny Short Throw Projector Turns Any Surface Into A TV

Sony's Amazing New Gadget Will Turn Any Surface Into A TV

Sony isn't the company you'd normally associate with doing something adventurous, but that's precisely what the company has done with its genius range of Life Space UX experimental home gadgets.

While the 'singing' light bulb might have taken all of the attention last year it is in fact Sony's Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector that has us excited.


A small fabric-coated cube this humble little box looks exactly how you'd imagine a sci-fi prop would. It doesn't look like a projector, instead looking more in line with a portable speaker.

Well place that little box on a table, against a wall or point it at the ceiling and it'll throw a 1366 x 768 image of 100 lumens to a size between 22 and 80 inches.

In portable mode you'll only get around 2 hours of play time but considering it's simply designed to move around a house that's not exactly a deal-breaker.

What makes this little piece of kit special is that it'll let you turn any flat surface in your home into your very own 32" TV. Simply connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, or to a games console via HDMI and you're good to go.

Projectors obviously have limitations to conventional TVs but if this is the future of home entertainment then we're absolutely on board.

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