Why Do Celebs Have Knobbly Knees? A Definitive Answer To The Daily Mail's Question

The Definitive Answer To Why Celebs Have Knobbly Knees

Madness has descended upon Twitter today as people try to decipher the burning question on the front page of Wednesday's Daily Mail.

The social media site has been inundated with answers to the newspaper's vital question "Why do so many celebrities have knobbly knees?".

The answers came flooding in:

One person blamed controversial columnist Katie Hopkins... And migrants:

Whilst another blamed not conforming:

Even Jeremy Corbyn and the Kardashians were brought into the mix:

As well as global warming:

Then an actual celeb tried to clear things up:

Whilst one person actually offered a serious answer:

Well, if you really wanted to know the answer, the Daily Mail wrote this:

But we think you should answer the question:


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