Girl's Reaction To Meeting Donald Trump Probably Spells The End Times For Humanity

This Girl's Reaction To Meeting Donald Trump Is Hugely Depressing

Most videos of kids receiving wonderful surprises are heartwarming and make you feel all fuzzy inside, but not this one.

Kimberly Lovley's daughter has rather... unconventional tastes. Her dream wasn't a toy, or a trip to Disneyland, or anything you might expect - what nine-year-old Ava really wanted the most was to meet human orange Donald Trump.

So when Kimberly told Ava they would be going to meet the Republican frontrunner at one of his campaign rallies, the little girl couldn't hide her titillation.

But her excitement was probably a bit premature - her mother also captured the moment she met Trump and he more or less ignored her in favour of joking with some adult male audience members. Y'know, people that can actually vote.

Sad times for the little Trumpeter.


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