Heartwarming Moment Rescue Cat Chooses Man To Be His New Best Friend

A photograph of the wonderful moment a cat chose his new human companion is melting hearts across the globe.

Shawn, who worked at PetSmart, was on his break when he decided to go and play with the rescue cats in the adoption centre.

Almost immediately, he was 'chosen' by a young cat who climbed up onto his shoulders and began to knead him and nuzzle his neck. The pair were destined to be friends forever.

Shawn shared a beautiful photo of their first encounter on Reddit with the caption: "The moment I knew I had to get him. Meet Slade The Cat. He's weird but I love him."

Speaking to LoveMeow about his first encounter with Slade, Shawn said: "I worked at Petsmart for a while just doing stocking in the early morning and pretty much whenever I got a break I would go and play with the adoption cats.

"One day I saw him chilling in there and he just started coming up to the glass and rubbing against the glass and playing with me through it and just generally being a cool cat."

Shawn then went into the pen with the cat, who immediately climbed up onto his shoulders and sat there.

"Then he moved himself around and started suckling on my earlobe while kneading my shoulder," said Shawn.

After his shift finished, Shawn adopted his feline friend.

One year on and Slade still loves nothing more than climbing on Shawn's shoulders for cuddles.

Shawn And Slade The Cat

[H/T Love Meow]