Dublin Manhunt After Gunmen Storm Boxing Weigh-In Wearing 'Women's Clothes' And 'SWAT Uniforms'

Dublin Manhunt For Weigh-In Gunmen Dressed As 'SWAT Team'

A manhunt is underway in the Republic of Ireland after four gunmen dressed in women's clothes and SWAT team uniforms attacked a boxing weigh-in on Friday, leaving one man dead and two injured.

Four attackers carrying AK-47s and handguns burst into the Regency Hotel in Dublin where 300 boxing fans were watching the weigh-in for a fight between the Republic of Ireland's Jamie Kavanagh and Spain's Antonio Jao Bento.

The aftermath of the shooting at the Regency Hotel in Dublin

Gunmen dressed in 'SWAT uniforms' enter the hotel

One of the gang was reportedly disguised as a "woman and wearing an auburn wig." The others were dressed as "crime drama" police officers, looking like Swat team officers. All opened fire in the hotel lobby. One of the victims in his 30s was said to be "riddled" with bullets. He died at the scene and was removed in a body-bag.

A Garda speaks to patrons outside the hotel

Speaking on Saturday, Gardai Chief Superintendent Barry O'Brien called the killing a "particularly nasty incident."

"Two individuals were wearing what was described as police-type uniforms," he said. "In that regard it was described as a SWAT uniform with metal helmets, similar to what you see on crime dramas."

The hotel sits two miles north of the city centre. Survivors spoke on Saturday of the gunmen firing multiple rounds indiscriminately.

A body is removed from the Regency Hotel, Dublin

Sports reporter Kevin McAnena, who was covering the event, said: "I was shouting even before he came over, 'don't shoot, don't shoot' ... I've never felt terror like it."

"The man who is now dead - he was no more than six foot from me," he added. "The gunshots I heard after I jumped over the receptionist's desk were probably the gunshots that finished him off. That same gunman looked over at me before pointing the gun at me, telling me, I think he said 'get up' or 'go away', or something like that."

Police tape cordoning off the hotel

Mobile phone footage of the weigh-in was posted online showing the attack. One child is heard crying: "Daddy, help me. Daddy, what was that?" As onlookers dive for cover, a woman is heard saying "What the f*** is going on?"

A Garda outside the hotel

The weigh-ins were ahead of a “Clash of the Clans” show, culminating in a WBO title bout between the Republic of Ireland’s Jamie Kavanagh and Spain’s Antonio Joao Bento on Saturday.

Police are investigating the killing as a possible gangland crime. This weekend’s bouts, which were due to be televised, have been cancelled.

One of the victims lies crumpled in the hotel


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