ASOS Under Fire For Selling 'Slave' T-Shirt Modelled By A Black Man

ASOS Under Fire For Selling 'Slave' T-Shirt Modelled By A Black Man

Fashion giant ASOS faced an online backlash after customers spotted a T-shirt worn by a black male model - printed with the word 'SLAVE'.

The site swiftly removed the shirt with racist connotations from its Marketplace site - a venue for buying and selling goods from independent labels -after a user spotted it and posted the image on social media.

The shirt, which costs £18.99, is still being sold on its creator Wasted Heroes website, but the company refuse to admit that the shirt is racist.

A post on social media site, Yik Yak, popular amongst students, showed the image of the black male model wearing the T-shirt.

The user wrote: "Someone @ ASOS is losing their job."

Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, a spokesperson for Wasted Heroes said: "ASOS have removed the item in question.

"The t-shirt was referencing that we are slaves to fashion labels hence why it is titled 'Slave to the label' and no offence was intended with this design or listing."

In a statement, ASOS aimed to distance itself from the shirt.

A spokesperson said: "Marketplace is a collection of independent sellers who must agree to our terms and conditions when they join.

"Whenever we find product that violates our policies we remove it immediately.

"There is also a 'report this item' link under every product picture."

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