David Cameron Releases His Facebook Friends Video

No doubt your Facebook feed has been filled this week with eerily-similar highlight compilations of all of your friends' most treasured relationships.

The twee little clips coldly put together by a soulless computer algorithm have been celebrated by many as some kind of magical insight into people's lives.

"How come it know which of my friends I love the best?!" exclaimed Mark, 23, whose drunken selfies in Club Oceana with fellow members of his rugby team grace the social network every single Saturday.

"It was just magical, it knew that the most important thing that happened to me this year was the birth of my first child!" said Theresa, 35, whose video featured only her and her child as all of her friends have mysteriously blocked her in 2015.

Not to be left out David Cameron has also joined in the fun. Take a look above...

(Created by David Schneider and Handface. H/T to Martin Hastie and Jamie Hastie)