Katie Hopkins Schooled On How Cologne Attacks Are Not The Result Of 'Migrant Invasion' On LBC

Katie Hopkins Gets Schooled On LBC By Syrian On 'Migrant Invasion'

Katie Hopkins asked a Syrian what he thought about the incidents in #Cologne. His passionate response was great.

Posted by LBC on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Katie Hopkins has been schooled on how the mass sexual assaults in Cologne at New Year's were not the result of a "migrant invasion" by a Syrian man on LBC.

Hundreds of women claimed they were sexually assaulted by a 1000-strong mob of men of Arab and North African appearance in the Cologne city centre, and at least five rapes were reported. Similar attacks were reported in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart,and Bielefeld.

Hopkins told Abdulaziz Almashi, the co-founder of Syria Solidarity campaign, that "many of us" fear for their safety because of the large numbers of migrants arriving in the EU who don't "understand our culture".

Katie Hopkins was schooled on the migrant crisis on LBC

She then went on to say the culture-clash was one explanation offered in the aftermath of the Cologne attacks, and asked: "How do you answer that, do you think people like me are wrong, to feel this way about migrants coming to Europe, to fear in what many cases has been termed a 'migrant invasion'?''

Almashi told Hopkins there is "no justification for those fears" and said it was "unfair to paint all refugees" with the same brush when there was a "very, very, tiny portion of refugees committing these crimes".

Abdulaziz Almashi, the co-founder of Syria Solidarity campaign, appears on LBC

He said: "That doesn’t mean all the refugees are the same. In Cologne, Germany, for example there has been a demonstration by Syrian refugees to say we don’t accept those kind of acts. And the media didn’t talk a lot about it. We don’t accept that type of behaviour, it is absolutely unacceptable in our community, and in our culture.

"There is absolutely no justification for saying refugees are treating women badly , or whatever, that they should die in Syria and shouldn’t be welcomed here. This is absolutely unfair."


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