Super Bowl 50 From Space? Astronaut Scott Kelly Tweets World's Most Expensive Seat Aboard International Space Station

While the Super Bowl 50 was certainly a spectacle, it's unlikely that anyone had a better view of the big game than NASA astronaut Scott Kelly who was able to see both a livestream of the game and the stadium from 400km above the Earth's surface.

The astronaut tweeted a picture of his incredible view of the stadium where the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

Sadly with the ISS moving at the somewhat nippy pace of 17,500mph it was unlikely that Kelly was going to see any of the game with the naked eye.

Instead Kelly will have probably only seen the stadium twice in person before the game finished, such is the rate at which the ISS orbits the Earth.

Thankfully after having spent over 300-days in space NASA were more than happy to oblige Kelly with a livestream of the game directly to the ISS, although it's unlikely he had much company.

Kelly won't have been alone in the niche sports enthusiasm as just one day before ESA astronaut Tim Peake was given an exclusive stream of the England vs Scotland Six Nations game courtesy of the BBC.

In a historical first for the British Broadcasting Corporation, Peake was given a live stream of the entire game.