Parents Are Taking Face Swapping With Kids To A Whole New Level: The Creepiest Photos Around

No matter how often we see them, face swaps between parents and kids will always be entertaining.

We've witnessed the terrifying face/nose swap of a dad and his baby, as well as the slightly odd face swap between a toddler and her doll.

Next up? Kids, cats and more daddy-daughter comical swaps.

YouTuber "Woodsie" used the Face Swap Live app to make some pretty strange pictures with his daughter and baby son.

And, when the swapped faces are in motion, it's even weirder.

Watch the video above to see all the swaps - we've picked out our favourites below.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger, TheLadBible shared this gem.

And imgur user 'keysofanxiety' discovered the app isn't always very good at picking out the faces in the shot.

We think we've reached peak face swap.

Ethan Fedida and Andy Campbell

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