Film Producer Ross Putman Shares The 'Sexist' Film Scripts He Receives On Twitter


An American film producer has been sharing "sexist" extracts from scripts he's been sent in order to highlight the gender inequality that still exists in showbiz.

Ross Putman set up the Twitter account @femscriptintros to demonstrate the fact that women are often spoken about in terms of their appearance, rather than their personality or skills.

"Women are first and foremost described as 'beautiful', 'attractive', or - my personal blow-my-brains-out-favourite - 'stunning'. They're always 'stunning' in a certain dress or 'stunning' despite being covered in dirt because they're a paleontologist- or whatever," he told Mashable.

"I plan on posting every one that I read, and there are plenty that aren't offensive, but honestly, most of them have some element - subtle or overt - that plays into latent objectification."

In each of the tweets, Putman has changed the character's name to "Jane", in order to protect the names of the authors and really hammer his message home.

"Changing the names to Jane for me...demonstrates how female characters are often thought about in the same, simplistic and often degrading way. Giving them all the same name, I hope, emphasises that," he said.

Putman hopes that his tweets will encourage script writers to rethink the way they portray women on stage and on screen.

Check out a few of his tweets below or follow @femscriptintros to support his campaign.

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