Instagrammer Kerri Verna Hits Back At Bottom-Shaming Trolls Who Said Her 'A** Was Too Big For White Shorts'

Yogi Hits Back At Trolls Who Said Her 'A** Was Too Big To Wear White'

When Kerri Verra, a yoga Instagram star, posted a photo of herself wearing white shorts, she was cruelly targeted by a body-shaming Instagram troll who said her ass was "too big" to wear white shorts.

Despite having almost one million followers and receiving thousands of likes on each photo, Verna is no more immune to body-shaming comments than the rest of us and quickly deleted the photo.

But then, she had other ideas and posted an unapologetic photo with her white short-clad bottom in all its glory alongside an empowering caption that gives body shamers the middle finger.

"Even though I'm totally happy with my body and completely self confident with my body image, I will say on that particular day I wasn't feeling my best," she explained. "I immediately deleted the photo and began to look closely at all my photos. Not that I thought I was 'fat' but I began to question wearing white and if it 'made me look fat'."

She added: "Women OF ALL SIZES need to LOVE their bodies and wear white shorts if you want to! If you like it, wear it ... NEVER let anyone's opinion make you feel bad or shameful about your body. It's just a shell ... It doesn't define you."

Fans have been quick to applaud her body positivity.

One user wrote: "When people are hurtful and negative always know that the problem is with THEM not you! So many people love to hate - it's unfortunate. Rock those white shorts with confidence!!!!"

"I just read about what had been said to you. Ridiculous! Enough of the negativity. We need to support and love one another. Bravo for how you handled it," wrote one.