Jeb Bush Tweets Picture Of Inscribed Handgun As Failing Presidential Run Enters Death Throes

Firearms are among the leading causes of death in America, with around 70 percent of all homicides involving a gun. Since 1997, the US has endured more than 50 mass shootings. Britain has witnessed just one and Germany three.

In the US, gun violence is a far greater threat than terrorism, firearms killing some 400,000 Americans since 2001. Over the same period, terrorism accounted for nearly 4,000 American deaths, most of the victims dying on 9/11.

With that in mind, one of the allegedly more reasonable candidates for the US presidential election tweeted the following on Tuesday evening.

Jeb Bush, the presumptive Republican nominee at the start of the race, has spent the past eight months floundering, his campaign unable to gain traction amid the incessant attacks from businessman Donald Trump.

Either the former Florida governor is about to abandon his moderate approach, or he's off to hunt his nemesis on New York's Fifth Avenue. Either way, the post and the candidate were roundly mocked for the missive.

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